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Introduction to Buddhism in Thailand

The 10 Jatakas (lives of the Buddha) as depicted in Thai mural Temple paintings


Phra Pathom Chedi : Buddha Images (6)


Buddha Travelling in a Boat
Travelling in a boat
The Buddha sits in the so-called European or Western mode.
In this variant both hands rest on the knees. In another variant the right hand palm is open at chest level.
When the Buddha visited his father for the first time since his enlightenment, he crossed a river to reach his destination.


Buddha : Stoppingthe Relatives from Fighting
Stopping the relatives from fighting
After descending from Tavatisma heaven, the Buddha stopped his relatives from fighting over water rights between their properties.


Buddha displaying Miracles for the Sakya Family
Displaying miracles for the Sakya family
When entering his father's palace, the Sakya elders did not pay their respect. The Buddha displayed his special powers to them. Among other miracles, he initiated a rainstorm that wet those who did not respect him and left dry those who did respect him.


Buddha holding an Alms Bowl
Holding an alms bowl
The Buddha is standing with both hands around an alms bowl
This symbolizes the first morning after visiting his father at Kapilavastu. In the morning the Buddha went out to receive alms in the city.


Buddha preaching to his Father
The Buddha preaching to his father


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