Wat Phra Pathom Chedi : Buddha Images (5)


Buddha ordaining His First Disciple
Ordaining the first disciple. (variant)
Upatissa and Kolita were ordained, and received the highest rank.
[Preaching at Sarnath]

Buddha Eating from a Bowl
Eating from a bowl
After the ordination of the son of a rich man, the Buddha eats rice quietly from the alms bowl.


Buddha expressing Forgiveness (Stopping the Ocean)
Forgiveness - Stopping the Ocean (Thailand)
The Buddha went to the camp of Kasyapa. He wanted to stay overnight and was given a hut on the bank of a flooding river. The Buddha stopped the water, and made it subside, thereby also converting Kasyapa and his followers.
This gesture also stands for forgiveness, and symbolizes the control over passions.


Buddha identifying exemplary Disciples
Identifying Exemplary Disciples
The Buddha predicts that Sariputta and Moggallana will be among this most exemplary and distinguished disciples.
[in a variant image the Buddha points his right hand upwards]


Buddha expanding the Great Truth
Expounding the Great Truth
Both hands express the Vitarka Mudra.


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