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Note : Wat Phra Pathom Chedi is located at Nakhon Pathom, one hour west of Bangkok. The Buddha images presented here depict various scenes in the life of the Buddha. They are mostly chronological. The Buddha images are located in the 'courtyard' around the huge Phra Pathom Chedi. When at Phra Pathom Chedi, do not omit to visit the National Museum closeby, which houses many (mostly Dvaravati) art objects depicting Nakhon Pathom's past. You can go to more pages with Buddha images, as seen at Wat Phra Pathom Chedi (14 pages in total) using the links at the bottom of this and consequent pages.


Siddharta resolves to become a monk
Resolving to become a monk.
Siddharta leaves the palace at Kapilavastu (though the exits are heavily guarded) on his horse, accompanied by his charioteer Chandaka.

Considering food in an alms bow
Considering food in an alms bow
8 days after becoming a monk, the Bodhisattva receives food for the first time from a local ruler.


Mortification by the Bodhisattva
Seated in the meditation posture with thin, emaciated body.
The Bodhisattva practiced extreme asceticism for six years. Extreme mortification almost resulted in his death. Eventually however, he concluded that there is a 'middle way' between extreme asceticism and worldliness.


Reclining Buddha
Reclining and dreaming
(Compare hand positions with other reclining Buddha images).


Bodhisattva receiving rice pudding
(both hand palms facing upwards)
Accepting rice pudding from the milkmaid Sujata. Seated in meditation posture.
The Bodhisattva receives food (after realizing that mortification does not lead to enlightenment) from Suchada (Sujata), so ending his fast.
He then leaves his companion hermits at Uruvela and proceeds to Bodh Gaya.


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