Wat Phra Pathom Chedi : Buddha Images (9)


Buddha Calling for Rain
Calling for rain
The right hand is in Vitarka Mudra, while the left hand is ready as if to receive a donation. Often depicted with Gandhara style drapery as clothing. Also sitting variant.

Buddha Calling for Rain
Calling for rain.


Buddha Bathing in the Rain
Bathing in the rain
The Buddha splashes rain water on his body with his right hand.
During a drought in Kosala, Sravasti, the people asked for the Buddha's assistance. When seeing the withered rice, the Buddha asked for a bathing robe. When proceeding to the pond, the skies opened and rain fell upon the earth. The Buddha bathed in the falling rain.


Buddha Pointing to a Corpse
Pointing to a corpse
The Buddha kept a corpse from being cremated for 3 days. This to make the people around to reflect on the temporary state of all living beings.


Buddha Pointing to Mara
Pointing to Mara
Left arm is alongside the body. The right arm is bended at the elbow, with the palm outward and the index finder pointing upward.
While visiting someone who died recently, the Buddha pointed to Mara, who was looking around in the clouds to catch the spirit of the deceased, all in vain.


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