Wat Phra Pathom Chedi : Buddha Images (11)


Buddha preaching to King Jambupati
Preaching to King Jambupati
Similar posture as 'Subduing Mara - Calling the Earth to Witness'
The potent King Jambupati lived during the time of the Buddha and exerted terror around himself. The Buddha requested that Jambupati forsake evil and practice kindness. When the king remained reluctant, the Buddha appeared in resplendent royal garments that awed Jambupati into accepting the Buddhist precepts.

Buddha retreating in the Forest
Retreat in the Forest
Buddha spent the rain retreat on his own in the Palilayaka (Palelai) forest because he was tired of the monks of Kosambi who had split into two groups and were not in harmony. While in the forest, the elephant Palilayaka attended to him, and monkey offered him a beehive.


Buddha : Stopping the Relatives from Fighting
Stopping the relatives from fighting
[see page 6]


Reclining Buddha
Reclining Buddha
Left arm along the body, right arm serves as a pillow with the hand supporting the head.
Story : The giant Asurindarahu wanted to see the Buddha, but was reluctant to bow before him. The Buddha, while lying down, presented himself as much larger than the giant. He then showed him the realm of heaven with heavenly figures all larger than the giant. After all this, Asurindarahu, the giant, was humbled, and made his obeisance to the Buddha before leaving.


Buddha preaching to Angulimala
Preaching to Angulimala
Story of Angulimala : Angulimala, the bandit, had to pay off a debt to his teacher of a thousand right-hand fingers. He started killing people and made a garland of their finders. So, he came to have killed 999 people, and was eager to finish the number required and pay off is debt. Then the Buddha encountered him. The bandit started towards him to kill him, but the Buddha made Angulimala perceive the Buddha as running. So Angulimala run and run, but could not catch the Buddha. When the exhausted Angulimala screamed for the Buddha to stop, the Buddha said :
"I stand still Angulimala evermore,
For I am merciful to all living beings;
But you are merciless to living beings.
Therefore I stand still and you stand not still."
Angulimala threw away his sword, and the Buddha blessed him.


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