Wat Phra Pathom Chedi : Buddha Images (7)


Receiving a Mango
While in the yoga posture, the Buddha has his right hand positioned on the knee, holding a mango.
The Buddha performed a miracle while staying at Veluvana. Some heretics 'demanded' a miracle for him to prove his powers.
The Buddha pressed the mango into a bowl, drank the juice, then had the mango seed planted. Immediately, a large tree grew, with plenty of fruit.
[Preaching at Sarnath]

Buddha : The Miracle at Sravasti
Miracle at Sravasti
Right hand in Vitarka Mudra, while the Buddha is seated in the European or Western fashion. Another variant shows the Buddha standing.
The Buddha demonstrated his powers to non-believers at Sravasti. He displayed a celestial aura, caused earthquakes and storms. He also caused a replica of himself (Double Apparition).


Buddha Teaching His Mother in Tavatimsa Heaven
The Buddha, teaching to his mother in Tavatimsa heaven.


Buddha Joining the Three Worlds
Opening the world (Joining the three Worlds : Heaven, Earth and Hell)
[variant] The Buddha descended from Tavatimsa heaven, and performed a miracle whereby the three worlds were joined together, and the inhabitants of each could see one another.


Buddha Coming Down from Heaven
Coming down from heaven
Indra creates three staircases, one for himself, one for the Buddha, and one for Brahma.


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