Wat Phra Pathom Chedi : Buddha Images (3)


Buddha in Pensive Thought
In Pensive Thought
The enlightened Buddha stands with hands crossed over his abdomen (right hand over the left).
The Buddha contemplates his achievement of complete knowledge under the Bodhi tree. He was tempted to enter Nirvana at once (By Mara), but he wants others to know the true doctrine, and resolves to communicate his doctrine to others.

Buddha walking while meditating
Walking in meditation
The Buddha walks with hands (right hand on top) in front of his abdomen, the left ankle lifted. Completely aware, the Buddha is dedicated to teaching the Dhamma to the suffering humans on this earth.


Buddha Image : Subduing Mara
Subduing Mara - Calling the Earth to Witness (2)
'In the crystal palace'


Buddha in Meditation, protected by Naga
Sitting in meditation, protected by Mucalinda's cobra hood.


Buddha accepting the Gall-Nut Fruit
Accepting the Gall-Nut Fruit
The right hand holds a small fruit (samaw, a medicinal fruit of the gall-nut tree). This is offered to him by Indra, while the Buddha is seated under the Ket tree during the seventh week after his enlightenment.


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