Wat Phra Pathom Chedi : Buddha Images (8)


Buddha Descending from Tavatimsa Heaven
Descending from Tavatimsa Heaven (Revealing the Worlds)
The Buddha descended from Tavatimsa heaven, and performed a miracle whereby the three worlds were joined together, and the inhabitants of each could see one another. [variant]

Buddha halting the Sandalwood Image
Halting the Sandalwood Image
Standing with his left hand raised, the Buddha prevents the approach of a sandalwood image of himself.
While the Buddha was in Tavatimsa heaven, King Udayana had a sandalwood replica of the Buddha made. When the Buddha returned from heaven, the image miraculously came to live and greeted him. The Buddha made the statue stop and return to his seat, to be a model for further representations of the Buddha.


Buddha Meditating
Meditating in the diamond posture. Notice that both soles of the feet are visible.


Standing Buddha
Standing Buddha image, both arms to the side of the body.


Buddha Making a Footprint
Making a footprint
The Buddha makes a footprint of his right foot.
The footprint symbolizes the movement and travel and the spread of Dhamma to many places.


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