Thai Buddha Images : Gestures and Postures of the Buddha. Buddha images of different historic periods in Thailand.

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Wat Pho
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Pathom Chedi
Wat Benchamabophit   
Introduction to Buddhism in Thailand

The 10 Jatakas (lives of the Buddha) as depicted in Thai mural Temple paintings


Phra Pathom Chedi : Buddha Images (12)


Buddha Granting Pardon (Forgiveness)

Granting Pardon (Forgiveness)
The Buddha grants pardon to someone who comes to visit him, and who has insight into his wrongdoings.
Many variants, such as standing Buddha with the palms of both hands outwards, and standing Buddha with either the right or left hand raised with palm outward.


Buddha Image on top of Banaspati
The Buddha is on the Banaspati (Panatsabodi)
The Buddha image is on top of the head of Brahma, who is located kneeling on Banaspati.


Buddha taking a Cloth from a Corpse
Taking a Cloth from A Corpse
The Buddha takes a cloth from a decaying corpse. He skakes off the worms on it, and washes the cloth.


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